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i dont have a “tumblr crew” its just me talking to myself

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[crashes 1920s Bentley through ur wall] READ GOOD OMENS

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Jehan and Feuilly, since they’re the last of the barricade boys I hadn’t drawn yet. Plus Bahorel. One day I’ll post something better than messy sketches again.

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The fact of his pulse,
the way he pulled his body in, out of shyness or shame or a desire
      not to disturb the air around him.
Everyone could see the way his muscles worked,
                                     the way we look like animals,
                                                                    his skin barely keeping him inside.

Richard Siken, Crush / Little Beast. [4]

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hi can you draw feuilly/bahorel cuddles? i would love you forever

I saw this pic and okay its the perfect pic 

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Vacation time..? Or… something. 

Lo intenté, Kath… Lo intenté

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Anonymous murmured: your hair looks great!! just one question that i've been wondering for a while: how does one grow their hair out when they shave part of it like yours? it seems like it would be really difficult haha

Haha no clue I’ve never tried to grow it out


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hey friends send me smittenjolras fic recs

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Sclez mentioned Petitaire and Tinyjoly being friends and I just had to draw them.

tiny baby joly getting picked on in school because he’s small and he gets sick a lot

tiny baby joly not understanding why no one wants to play with him

tiny baby joly reading in a corner and playing by himself

tiny baby joly saying “well, no one wants to play with me so i sit here” when his teacher asks why he’s alone” [eldrwnd]

[same as this, but with Tinyjoly instead]

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it’s tiring chasing after something (someone) you can’t understand

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I don’t even know how to caption this.

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it looks wonderful!

ahhh thank you I’m actually pretty pleased with it myself! (/)///(\) Especially knowing it’ll fade a little and it’ll be pale and soft looking ahh~